FACE PAINTING transforms your guests both young and old into amazing creations.  Watch their faces light up when we create beautiful princesses and fairies, cute kitty cats and puppy dogs, monsters, superheroes and animals or dazzling fantasy creatures.

Designs are as unique as your guests, and not just limited to the face.  Display beautiful flowers and

rainbows or tribal tattoos on arms and legs, decorative pieces for the back (perfect addition to a backless dress) for that special occasion.  Bring on the bling!  Why not try painted jewelry for a night on the town?

Ultra Violet (UV) special effects paint is great for nightclub and evening events.  An Ultra Violet black light is required.

Ask your guests to come to the party ready in their costume and have our artist paint your guests to match your theme and their costume.


Create beautiful designer masks for your next masquerade party with add on jewels, feathers and the like.

Face Painting is a wonderful gift that transforms people into a world of dreams and imagination.

If you require one artist for your party or a team of artists for your event...          

Mad Hatterz Parties can make your event a success.

To avoid disappointment please book as early as possible.  Our diary is filling fast.